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  • 发发棋牌游戏

    ings and burned houses, killed o●ld men—too old to be in the service. They n●umbe

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  • 发发棋牌游戏

    red two hundred, while Quantrell■’s men numbered one hundred. On the road● from B

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  • 发发棋牌游戏

    lue Springs to Independence they kil●led John Sanders and a man named ■Kimberland/p> Explore More

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猙oth old men—and left them lying in■ the roadway. If neighbors had not offered t●heir services the hogs would have eaten their

k into the

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● bodies. They burned from two to twe■lve houses and left the famil■ies homeless. The people of the■ neighborhood sent a runner


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to Quantrell. We● mounted, struck a gallop and did no■t slow down until we charged the● rear and went through them lik■e fire

gua■rd, s

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ome rolled up in their blankets
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